Julie Meets Hollywood Bowl concert performers! 헐리우드 보울 공연팀들 만나러간 줄리!

지난 금요일, 4월 27일, 꼬넥닷넷 친구 줄리 타이가 헐리우드 보울에 참석하는 스타들을 보기 위해 그들이 묵을 예정이었던 LA 호텔에 찾아갔습니다… 생각보다 많은 스타들을 봤다고 하더군요!    그녀의 페이스북에 올라온 통해 사진과 이야기를 공유했습니다.

KKonnect friend, Julie Thai, went to Los Angeles on Friday, April 27th, to see if she can spot at least one Korean artist who would be performing at the Hollywood Bowl Korean concert the next day.  It was a trip well-worth her time– she saw not just one, but several of them! Here are photos that she took from that night, and she shares some of her experience via facebook msg:

… well, being at the airport was exciting. i’d never gone up there for their arrivals before so it was nerve wracking to see if i would be able to run into them. i was running late due to traffic so i felt so nervous driving in to the parking structure. first person i saw was son ho young. then i saw bobby kim and the buga kingz but i didn’t get to snap any pictures of them. after that it was ga-in and narsha of brown eyed girls. they were so tiny!!! then… it was time for mblaq! haha we heard the screams from girls standing closer to the ramp screaming and i got butterflies haha we saw g.o, and seungho and then it was thunder and mir but mir kind of got lost in the crowd. the girls went crazy and bombarded them for pictures and autographs.

then i went to the hotel right after stopping by k-town. after being at the hotel for about 10-15minutes i saw son ho young again but he went straight in to the restaurant at the sheraton… then i saw kim tae woo and asked him for a picture. when son ho young came back out i asked for a picture. he was a super nice guy! at first he was hesitant since he had just showered, no make up, etc and i told him that if he was busy it was okay and he was just like “no… i’m not busy it’s just…” and then he waved his hand over himself as like to say “but i look like crap and i’m not ready”. then he was like “ok ok” and then we posed for a picture…

then i saw g.o. he sat down and kind of had what looked like to be a mini meet and greet. he was only able to sign maybe a handful before he had to go but he made sure to ask for people’s names, gave hugs, handshakes, etc. he seemed like a really nice guy! i didn’t get any pictures of him because i was too distracted. haha

i also saw seungho of mblaq, and ga-in and jia of beg but they were whisked away before i could get anything either. that’s pretty much it haha.

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