Industry Mentorship Program by KAC 멘토쉽 세미나 @ UCSD

Industry Mentorship Program

Thursday 6:00pm until 7:30pm

We invite you to our Industry Mentorship Program where we will have various mentors from all industries. These industries range from Business, Finance, Law, Media, Engineering, Medical, and last but not least, Politics.

Some of our mentors include:

-John Pak – Complex Sales Manager at Merrill Lynch
-Taeyoon Kim – Director of Practice Development at Del Mar Financials
-Thomas Pak – Director at UBS

-Stephen Hong – Supply Chain Planner at Samsung Electronics
-Charles Shin – Owner at Kor Am Property & Investments

-Teddy Kim – Medical Student at UCSD School of Medicine

-Haeji Hong – Attorney at Office of the U.S. Trustee, Department of Justice
-Michael Han – Attorney at Irdeto

We will first host a quick workshop to teach students on how to properly approach the mentors as well as the proper methods on networking. Then we will provide a time for students and mentors to intermix and network.

This is a great opportunity to get real hands on experience on what is an essential skill for a lifetime.

See you there! 🙂

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