[Now Listening] 10년 동안의 오독 (10 Years of Misinterpretation), Pt. I by Verbal Jint

Hello readers, it’s Eli and this is my “Now Listening” post! Woohoo~ ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

Eli 요즘 듣고있는 노래입니다. 버벌 진트에 대한 포스팅!

After watching the teaser videos on repeat for the past week and a half, Verbal Jint finally delivered “10 Years of Misinterpretation”, one of the albums on my “now awaited” list.    The video above is for the headline track, “You Deserve Better” (Also known as Pretty Enough/Enough Better)  featuring Sanchez of PHANTOM.  I can say that the video is an interesting take on being “friend zoned” by the girl you like, and having to watch her date that no-good guy (Played by Sangchu of Mighty Mouth).

The album itself has been on repeat and it works as a nice daily soundtrack,  filled with mellow beats and soothing vocals.   It seems as though Verbal knows exactly who to pick for his collabos,  and that’s what keeps bringing me back to his music.  I’ll post a few of the teaser tracks below, and you can see for yourselves! The full tracks are on itunes~

Perfect Day (Featuring IVY)

Good Morning (Featuring Jung Yeol of 10cm)

Console The Boy  2013 (Featuring ZION, and Hanhae of PHANTOM) 

[PS. Please sing more often, especially in the album… whenever that’s dropping ;A;]

One comment

  1. Just wanna say, Eli, I bought the first song you have here “You Deserve Better,” it’s SO GOOD! I love it! ^^


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