[Now Listening] Love Style by 보이프렌드 (Boyfriend)

Hello everyone, my name is Rhema and allow me to introduce some mainstream k-pop music. The song that I have been in love with recently is called Love Style by Boyfriend which came out on June 14th. They debuted on May 26th, 2011 and I was right there when it happened. These guys have the young, innocent, and overbearingly cute concept going on. However this is actually the first song of theirs that I really like.  I remember when everyone was going on about them, I just never saw it. But when I heard this song I got hooked immediately! The group consists of six members: Donghyun (Age 23, Position: Leader), Minwoo (Age 16, Position: Rapper, Maknae/Youngest), Youngmin (Age 17, Position: Vocalist, older twin), Kwangmin (Age 17, Position: Rapper, younger twin), Jeongmin (Age 18, Position: Vocalist), Hyunseong (Age 19, Position: Lead Vocalist).  The music video is also unbelievably cute, with lots of cute faces and colors flying around. But, don’t take my word for it, listen here and I hope you like it!

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