Fin.K.L – Pride : So how do you say “tsundere” in Korean?

In Japanese otaku fandom, the term “tsundere” means a girl that’s sorta mean-spirited or tough, but she’s all soft and gooey on the inside.  Basically, you just gotta get through her hard outer shell and get into the creamy center.  I really want some Cadbury chocolate eggs….OH.

Anyway, Fin.k.l was one of the huge pop groups of the late 90’s and well…there’s one member in particular that sticks out.  Big time.  Yep.  Lee Hyori.  The Madam.  K-pop royalty.

DIY Vegetarian Bibimbap

손수 만들어 보는 ‘채식 비빔밥’

It’s not always easy being Korean and being a vegetarian. In the coming August issue of The Korea Daily magazine, I elaborate a little more on the subject. However I was able to successfully make my own bibimbap a few days ago. For those of you who haven’t tried bibimbap, meat-eaters and veggies alike, take my advice and try making it for yourself.

You can google a ton of recipes online, like I did, or get some help from a seasoned cook. First things first, have some steamed rice ready to go. Rice, or “bap,” lays the foundation in this diverse concoction. After that you usually have five or six assorted veggies resting on top, each partitioned like slices of pie, varying in flavor and color. Bean sprouts, spinach, carrots, cucumber, zucchini, and mushrooms are common ingredients. Traditionally, you want to keep all of these veggies separate for presentation/aesthetic purposes. And don’t be surprised at how much sesame oil is added, the more the better is my rule (after making it only one time). To finish, add a fried egg on top along with sesame seeds. Gochujang is a sweet and spicy red pepper paste is also added to taste.

The most time consuming part will be the extreme amount of cutting, all of the denser veggies like cucumbers, carrots, and the zucchini, are chopped or “julienned” into small pieces (kind of like french fries). The spinach is blanched (dipped in boiling water) for about 10 seconds, releasing a delicious aroma. The other veggies are pan-fried and flavored with sesame oil. Here is how my creation turned out:


The 30-40 minutes this dish takes to prepare is well worth the sweat that goes into it. For future reference, use a larger-than-normal bowl, or at least wider, for serving (otherwise the bibimbap is difficult to mix). For inexperienced chopstick users, eating bibimbap may be a challenge. Don’t be afraid to use a fork or spoon, but it’s always nice to eat Korean food the Korean way.

The cost of making bibimbap is quite cheap. Including the half-carton of eggs and gochujang sauce I bought (Annie Chuns brand) it came to about 14 dollars and served about 3 or 4 bowls. Being a Korean vegetarian can be hard, but it’s certainly doable. If you would like to share any of your recipes or experience making Korean food, vegetarian or not, email us at or post pictures to our Facebook page.

Here are some links you might find useful:

[Now Listening] “아름다운 밤이야 (Beautiful Night)” by Beast

Hello everyone, this is Rhema. So, you know what song has been stuck in my head lately? It’s called Beautiful Night by Beast (B2ST). Beast is a 6 member kpop group consisting of members Dongwoon,  Junhyung, Doojoon, Yoseob, Hyunseung, and Kikwang. Beast just recently had a comeback with their 5th mini album called Midnight Sun on July 22nd with the song Beautiful Night as their title track. I am not a crazily obsessed fan of Beast like I am with other groups, but this song is SO great. It’s extremely catchy and gets stuck in your head immediately. Beast usually has more serious songs with dark colors all around, but this song is upbeat and very colorful bringing in a nice change for their fans, called B2UTY. The members flew to New York to film this, and at first there was so much going on in the music video that I wasn’t even focused on the song. But when you hear the song alone, you realize how much it brings out each members individual talents from Kikwang’s high notes to Junhyung’s rapping. You gotta check this song out, and let us know what you think! Here’s the music video for “Beautiful Night”!

Landmark Theatres.. Always a great film lineup




I often catch a copy of this San Diego film calendar and browse for films. I hadn’t come across a copy lately till this morning, and look how many great films there are– oh no, I should rather say, have screened and are not available anymore – 😦

오랜만에 샌디에고 영화 캘린더 플라이어를 봤다. 아– 괜찮은 영화 여러개가 벌써 상영을 했었구나! 샌디에고에서 몇 안되는 아트하우스/독립영화관은 한달 정도가 아닌 대부분 일주일 동안만 영화를 상영한다. 놓치기 전에 꼭 찾아보시길! 라호야. 힐크레스트. 켄 영화관 등이 있음.

Lesson learned: keep updated with the independently owned arthouse movie venues! Some films that caught my eye can be seen in the above images but keep yourself updated too and catch the rare chance to see these films while you can !