Fin.K.L – Pride : So how do you say “tsundere” in Korean?

In Japanese otaku fandom, the term “tsundere” means a girl that’s sorta mean-spirited or tough, but she’s all soft and gooey on the inside.  Basically, you just gotta get through her hard outer shell and get into the creamy center.  I really want some Cadbury chocolate eggs….OH. Anyway, Fin.k.l was one of the huge pop… Read More Fin.K.L – Pride : So how do you say “tsundere” in Korean?

[Now Listening] “아름다운 밤이야 (Beautiful Night)” by Beast

Hello everyone, this is Rhema. So, you know what song has been stuck in my head lately? It’s called Beautiful Night by Beast (B2ST). Beast is a 6 member kpop group consisting of members Dongwoon,  Junhyung, Doojoon, Yoseob, Hyunseung, and Kikwang. Beast just recently had a comeback with their 5th mini album called Midnight Sun… Read More [Now Listening] “아름다운 밤이야 (Beautiful Night)” by Beast

SD Korean Language Meetup on Korea Daily!

Look! Wednesday, July 25th’s San Diego section of the Korea Daily newspaper featured the SD Korean Language Meetup Group-!  It basically says that this meetup group has been going on for many years, and is highly active in bringing together those who are interested in learning the Korean language. Thanks to Robert for the interview!

The Chosin Few

샌디에고 “초신 퓨” – 한국전쟁 Chosin battle 에서 싸운 해병대 veteran 모임. Chartered November 23, 1991 as the North San Diego County Chapter, a non-profit veterans military association recognized by the international association of the CHOSIN FEW to perpetuate the spirit and comradeship of those individuals who fought in the battle of the Chosin Reservoir… Read More The Chosin Few

“Batman” Midnight Massacre in Aurora, CO.

James Holmes, 24, attended the “Dark Knight Rises” midnight premiere before opening fire on the unsuspecting moviegoers at a Colorado Century movie complex last night. He came into the theater around 30 minutes into the movie through an emergency exit door, throwing 2 tear-gas grenades before pulling out a rifle.  The casualties currently stand at 12 deaths… Read More “Batman” Midnight Massacre in Aurora, CO.