[Now Listening] Racer (레이서) by ChAOS (카오스)

Hello everyone. Here’s me to tell you about another awesome kpop song that has been stuck in my head ever since it came out! Let me introduce to you, chAOS, if you don’t know them already. chAOS has five members who are Taeyang (Leader, Vocalist), Hyunsun (Rapper), Heejae (Vocalist), Dongmin (Vocalist), and Duhwan (Maknae/Youngest, Main Vocalist). chAOS debuted on January 6th, 2012 so they’re still pretty much a rookie group and they just had their big comeback with a title track called “Racer”! When chAOS debuted, their title track was called “She’s Coming” and I thought it was one of the greatest songs I’ve ever heard. I was instantly a fan. Sadly after that, they halted promotions and we haven’t seen them until they JUST came back with “Racer” on July 26th! When they first debuted with “She’s Coming” (third picture on this post) they were going for the cute/preppy boy image, but when they released Racer they did a total 180 with a more bad boy concept as the 1st and 2nd pictures on this post show! However, you gotta give ’em props! They’ve been becoming much more popular now and will always be awesome to me. You may not like “Racer” at first, but believe me, it’ll get stuck in your head. So, without further ado, I’ll post “Racer” and then “She’s Coming” so you can see what you think of chAOS! [P.S. I became a fan right when they debuted so I’m proud to say that all the members follow me on twitter (*o*)/ ]

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