Principal Cindy Marten to Be Named SD Unified Superintendent

샌디에이고 통합학군의 새로운 감독관이 임명되었습니다. Cindy Marten. Voice of San Diego 에서 전해드립니다.


Principal Cindy Marten
To Be Named SD Unified SuperintendentThe new superintendent of San Diego Unified School District will be Cindy Marten, the current principal of Central Elementary School in City Heights, according to sources at the district with direct knowledge of the appointment.Learn more about Marten in this New York Times story, this San Diego Explained video and this VOSD story.
Hughes Marino

One Book, One San Diego: Nominate a Book!

KPBS 에서 One Book One San Diego 컨테스트를 시작합니다. 샌디에이고 모든 시민들이 읽어야 한다고 생각하는 책을 추천해주세요. 3월 31일까지.

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KPBS Feb 28, 2013 | San Diego, CA
One Book 2013 Nomination Eblast


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“Countdown to Lee Min Ho” Drama Review: “City Hunter”

Anticipation builds as the “Countdown to Lee Min Ho” continues. March 10th is coming up soon! I see no has has come up with any great gift ideas. Thanks. :-/

CityHunterPoster“City Hunter” is Lee Min Ho’s big Action Drama, proving that Romantic Comedy is not the only genre for which he is well suited. City Hunter, the modern day Hong Gil Dong, righter-of-wrongs, dark hero and wounded vengeful soul, is the hero of an action-packed Korean adaptation of the Japanese novel by Tsukasa Hojo.

Storyline/Synopsis: My rating 8/10

The story begins with high impact action and drama and seldom slows down. The drama literally opens with the Lee Yoon Sung’s difficult birth and goes on to tell the story of how the country’s highest officials betray his father and his father’s fellow elite soldiers. Lee Yoon Sung (Lee Min Ho) is kidnapped as an infant after his father’s death by his father’s best friend, Lee Jin Pyo (Kim Sang Joong) and is brought up as part of an elaborate revenge plan against the government. Episode 1 is jam-packed and lays down a sound foundation for the storyline that follows.

The adorable love triangle between Kim Nana (Park Min Young), Lee Yoon Sung and Prosecutor Kim Young Joo (Lee Joon Hyuk) is pure entertainment. In the beginning, Young Joo manages to stay one step ahead, much to Yoon Sung’s frustration. The acrimonious relationship between Yoon Sung and Young Joo evolves and matures throughout the episodes into an complex and interesting connection. The interaction and development of their characters is one of the better side stories seen in recent dramas.

The surprising twists that develop in the last few episodes are worth watching for.

Script/Acting: My rating 7/10

City-hunter-cast (1)Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young worked quite well together as the main duo. Lee Min Ho successfully created a difficult character: driven for revenge, yet reluctant to kill, skilled at manipulation, deception and seduction, yet pure in motives and desires. While Park Min Young’s character did not require the same depth, the consistency of a well-acted part throughout drama was commendable.

My favorite giraffe from ‘Running Man’, Lee Kwang Soo plays Go Ki Joon, who is, as usual, a socially inept but loveable character. Seasoned, veteran actors galore are strewn throughout the cast as the 5 ‘villains’ and Lee Yoon Sung’s poor, pathetic mom and others. In fact, for the most part, this is an ‘all-star’ cast.

The story lost some of its energy in the last episode, as the last of the 5 conspirators is due to be brought to justice. I feel the problem is due in part to the fact that viewers empathize with this particular cohort and are loathe to see him brought down too far. Sympathies began to swing against our hero, at least for me, which made for troubled viewing.

Drama clichés spotted: dead parents; obligatory shower scene (really, who’s complaining?); in some respects it’s still a poor girl / filthy rich guy, but that’s certainly not the point of the drama; and is it me or is it becoming a thing for Lee Min Ho to wash and /or dry his woman’s hair?

Cinematography: My rating 7/10

City-Hunter-2Well-choreographed fight scenes, amazing action stunts, and cool settings (the Thai jungle?) all factored into to a viewing experience that proved worthwhile. The masterful use of lighting make many scenes more than memorable. And it’s not just Lee Yoon Sung who gets to fight with the bad guys and drop from high buildings – Kim Nana’s got some serious moves! Ninja girl!

Music: My rating 8/10

Lots of good music in this OST, including some really great instrumentals – “Nana’s Theme” being my favorite. It’s a soft, slow, piano take-off on “Cupid” (see below):

As for the vocal pieces, we have:

“Sarang” Kim Jae Bum

“So Goodbye”  Jonghyun   (Yep, from SHINee)

“It’s Alright”  Yang Hwajin

Bouncy, cute and fun: “Cupid” Girl’s Day

“Suddenly”  Kim Bo Kyung

“Lonely Day”  J Symphony

Great Ballad: “I Only Look For You”  Park Gyuri

“You and I”   Rainbow

“Can’t Stop”   Son Han Byeol

“I Love You, I Want You, I Need You”  Apple Mango

“I Love You, I Want You, I Need You (Sweet Acoustic Version)” Goo Hara

Various versions of “City Hunter” are currently available on iTunes.

Overall Charisma: My rating 8/10

While ‘City Hunter’ is not my favorite action drama, it is definitely a drama to put your must-see list. I give it well above average marks in cinematography, music, acting and script. The overall feel of the drama is also very good with the viewer anxiously anticipating the next episode, rooting for antagonist and protagonist alike, feeling angst over the inevitable unfairness of life. Heavy sigh.

However, despite the charisma, I found myself emotionally unmoved until the second to last episode. I’m not sure if the characters lacked the compelling nature required to really draw me in or if the script itself lacked the dramatic appeal or force necessary to command my emotional response. The ending is also somewhat weak in relation to the strength of the rest of the script.

That said, I have watched this drama three times, so the previous statements have not lessened the overall appeal for me to the extent that it has prevented multiple viewings!

And really, where else are you going to see Lee Min Ho riding an elephant?

Happy Drama Watching!

Apply for the Students for Economic Justice Summer 2013 Internship!

학생들을 위한 Economic Justice 2013 여름 인턴쉽. 접수마감일 3월 8일

Are you ready to help build the next class of community organizers in San Diego? Applications for our 2013 Students for Economic Justice (SEJ) program are ready!

Please help spread the word to college students interested in fighting for social and economic justice! Download the application here:

Do you know students that fit any or all of the following? Then share this event with theml!
• Local students attending college in San Diego County
• Students that come from or have a passion for advancing underrepresented communities of color, low wage workers and other disenfranchised groups
• Students interested in a career paths with a social and economic justice focus
• Students interested in organizing communities
Looking forward to an exciting summer for SEJ 2013!

SEJ is a project of CPI which builds stronger capacity for community organizing in San Diego. Through SEJ we provide the skills and tools that talented, passionate young people need to become part of the fight for economic justice in San Diego.

It is an intensive 6-week program that gives students organizing training through political education, skills building, and hands-on in-the-field experience working on campaigns for economic and social justice. Students receive trainings from various community leaders throughout San Diego and will finish the program with a better understanding of the political landscape of the region.

DEADLINE: March 8th @ 5pm

For educators: 5-Day Seminar on All Things Korean – in LA – hotel and meals covered

LA 에서 5일간 열리는 교육자들을 위한 한국문화체험

From Mary Connor of KAFE (Korea Academy for Educators)

For those who attended the Korea workshop in San Diego last fall:

This message is to inform you of the opportunity to attend our five day seminar on Korean history and culture and the Korean American experience. We offer a fellowship that covers transportation, six nights of a hotel stay, meals, and five enjoyable and engaging days listening to ourstanding speakers and performers. We require a deposit, but most of the funds will be returned to you. Do view our website (

Here is the flyer, schedule, and application form. If you have questions, email Daniel Lee at Daniellee721.

Mary Connor, Former President and Program Director of the
Korea Academy for Educators
505 Plymouth Road
San Marino, CA 91108 (626) 441-1284