Korean film FIST OF LEGEND (전설의 주먹) coming to AMC Fashion Valley!

fist of legend

한국영화 “전설의 주먹” 샌디에고에서 상영 – 12일 시작 (~18일 목요일까지. 이후 추가 연장 가능)

“This film revolves around a former fighter who enters a mixed martial arts tournament called “Fist of Legend” to pay for his daughter’s medical bills after an accident. The tournament’s fighters consist of former high school fighters who are now middle-aged and still have the fight in them.

The film’s cast includes Hwang Jeong-Min, Yoo Jun-Sang, Yoon Je-Moon, and Lee Yo-Won. The film is based off a webcomic entitled LEGEND PUNCH by Lee Jong-Kyu.”

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