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House of Korea’s potluck lunch get-together:


House of Korea’s potluck lunch get-together:
House of Korea is a non-profit org whose goal is to establish a “Korea House” as one of the international cottages at the Balboa Park. If you are interested in learning more about the group, please join us this coming Sunday! (details are in the image below)
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Hangeul (Hangul) Day 2014 @ Barnard Elementary School

Thanks sooooooo much for all your time and effort put into Hangeul Day.  Get some rest, enjoy your Sunday, and we’ll be in touch so we can meet up again for another meaningful occasion.
Here are some links to photos from today: 

(Flickr is good for downloading photos)
More on our Facebook:
I don’t have Min-young, Ji-Hyun (Soo-Yeon’s friend), Michael, Alex, and Jinho’s emails, so please share this w them if possible.
If you’d like to help with Barnard’s after school Korean program, you should email Principal Eddie Park: