Let’s help to establish Korean Language Classes at Torrey Pines High School in San Diego

Help establish Korean Language Classes at Torrey Pines High School in San Diego!

We need your help. Please sign the petition below:

The survey is created by Ms. Sung Kim who is the President of Korean Language Teachers Association in USA and National Korean Studies. House of Korea in San Diego also supports this to prepare our young generation to be global citizen to learn Koreans besides Chinese, French, Japanese and Spanish.

Written by JJ Hwang of House of Korea:

성탄절 가족과 함께 즐거운 시간 보내고 계세요?

샌디에고의 Torrey Pines 고등학교에서 한국어반을 개설하기 위해 학생들과 학부모들이 Chang.org 에 petition 을 보내고 있습니다. 현재있는 중국어, 불어, 일본어와 스페인어 외에 한국어도 학생들이 선택하여 공부하여 글로벌무대에서 활동할 수 있드록 힘을 모입시다.

아래의 사이트를 방문하시고 sign up 을 하신 후에 원하시면 comment 도 적어 주시고 submit 하시면 됩니다. 2-3분 정도 걸리는 일이지만 여러분의 관심이 학교 교장님과 교육국을 설득할 수 있는 카드가 됩니다. 동참해 주시면 감사하겠습니다.


Watch MAMA on DramaFever!

This is great for me who has a membership to DramaFever. Wanna watch one of the biggest KPOP shows of the year? MAMA’s here!

DramaFever has a gift for you. Starting tomorrow, December 16th, the 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) are coming to DramaFever for free and fully subbed all the way from Hong Kong.

DramaFever is bringing K-pop fans a chance to watch the biggest Asian music show of the year. The special will feature all the biggest stars and performances by EXO, SHINee, Zion.T, GOT7, BTS, BIGBANG, iKON, CL, PSY, and many more.

Viewers can tweet #MAMA2015 during each live performance to join other fans as they cheer for their favorite KPop star to win. To catch this amazing lineup, please visit the below link:
Mnet Asian Music Awards 2015 Show Page:

A Colloquium: The Prospects for Unification on the Korean Peninsula

(KAC-LA Sponsored Event in San Diego)

Time: Monday, December 7, 4:30pm Location: GPS Auditorium

With Members of the Korean Presidential

Sponsored by Korean American Coalition

A panel discussion about the current the economic state of North Korea and possible unification of the Korean peninsula.

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2015 House of Korea Balboa Park December Night – ICF

House of Korea December Night – International Christmas Festival

Time: December 4th (Friday) 3-11 pm & 5th (Saturday) noon-11 pm
Place: Balboa Park International Cottage Lawn etc

Permanence Schedule on Saturday 1:45-2 pm by Enoc Korean traditional dance team of KUMCSD (Kathy Kyangzah Kim & 3 others) & 5:30-6 pm by Faustina Ryu and Family!!

We still need volunteers, if you are interested in, please sign up:

We are expecting more than 350,000 visitors, meaning San Diego’s largest free community festival with parking difficulty!

Please try to arrive 1 hr before your choice of volunteer time due to traffic congestion.
The San Diego Zoo lot is the only free parking space.
City College Lots is free
Inspiration Point parking lot for $20/vehicle (accessible from Park Blvd and Presidents Way) – House of Korea will reimburse $10/vehicle, if you cannot find free parking space.


visitors to use the FREE off-site shuttles or take public transportation. Avoid the 163 southbound during the hours of 5-8pm, as this highway will be very congested. Use alternate routes to get to the Park and the shuttle stops.

Loading Zones can be found on Parks Blvd and Presidents Way – and on the west side of 6th and Laurel. Taxis, ride-sharing, or other vehicles can utilizes these 3 minute loading areas for pick-up and drop-off.

December Nights Shuttles run on Friday from 3:00-midnight and on Saturday from 11:30 until midnight in all locations. The last shuttle from the park is at 11:45pm.

    1. City College Lots between 16th and “B and C” Streets: Parking is free and there are more than 1,500 parking spaces. Shuttle drops off at 6th & Laurel Streets. The Park is approximately 1/4 mile from City College, so walking is an option. To get to the City College lots use I-5 and exit at “B” Street.
    2. Downtown San Diego on Ash St between 5th and 6th Ave. Numerous parking lots in this area at $5, or free street parking after 6pm. Shuttle drops off at 6th and Laurel.


Parking at for the public Balboa Park is extremely limited. There is some free parking, free disabled parking, and paid vehicle parking. All other areas require a permit.

  • Free Parking: The San Diego Zoo lot is the only free, non-permitted lot at the Park. It fills very quickly. Arrive early to park there.
  • Paid Parking: Optional preferred parking for $25/vehicle at the Natural History Museum parking lot and the South Carousel lot (both accessible from Park Blvd. and Village Place); and at the Inspiration Point parking lot for $20/vehicle (accessible from Park Blvd and Presidents Way).
  • 2550 Fifth Ave (enter at 449 Maple). $25 (12/4 3:00 to midnight; 12/5 11am to midnight) No in and out privileges.
    Purchase parking for this lot ONLY at: https://space.aceparking.com/events/December%20Nights/361

Please read the attached map to familiarize HoK Food tent & Spirit Garden.
See you all!

House of Korea is a San Diego based educational, cultural nonprofit organization, and is currently an associate member of the House of Pacific Relations, International Cottages, Balboa Park, San Diego.

Founder: 황정주 JJ Hwang

Our mailing address is:
2125 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA 92134


한국의 집 행사: December Nights’ International Christmas Festival


Balboa Park에서 매년 열리는 December Nights 행사가 올해 38회를 맞이합니다. 한국의 집 단체는 이 행사의 일부인 “International Christmas Festival”에 작년에 이어 올해도 참여합니다. 부스에서는 한국음식을 판매할 예정이며 “Spirit Garden”이라는 공간에서는 한국 맥주와 막걸리등의 한국 술도 선보입니다. 토요일에는 한국 공연을 주최하는 역할도 맡았습니다. 아래 자세한 정보 드립니다. 읽어주셔서 감사합니다!


일시: Friday, Dec. 4, 3-11pm, 그리고 Saturday, Dec. 5, noon-11pm. 장소: Balboa Park – International Cottage Lawn (2294 Pan America Plaza, San Diego, CA 92101)


한국의 집은 이 행사에서 부스를 운영하며 토요일 Dec. 5th 1:30-1:45 pm & 5:30-6 pm 에는 공연을 주최할 예정입니다.

House of Korea Entertainment 순서:

1:45-2 pm 한국 전통 춤과 음악: 샌디에고 연합 감리 교회의 Enoc Korean traditional dance team

1. Song 판소리, “Four Seasons” (사철가) …Joann B, Moon 문복남 4mins

2. Dance 춤, “In the Forest”(숲속에서)…Kathy Hyangzah Kim(김향자), Sibong Lee(이시봉), Chae SooHong(채수홍)

3. Poem “A Folk Painting”(풍속도)… by Narrator

4. Dance 춤, “A Folk Painting”(풍속도)…Kathy Hyangzah Kim(김향자), Sibong Lee(이사봉), Joann B.Moon(문복남), Chae SooHong(채수홍) 5mins

5:30-6 pm K-pop & Music:
Song, flute and piano of K-Pop, composed music by Faustina and her family

금 – 토 부스에서는 한국음식을 판매할 예정입니다.
– 빈대떡, 불고기, 김치, 밥, 수정과

“Spirit Garden”에서는 한국 술을 판매합니다: 소주티니, 막걸리, 맥주

부스 운영과 공연 팀을 도울 자원봉사자를 모집합니다.
자원봉사 지원 링크:

문의: houseofkoreahpr@gmail.com

첨부파일에는 관련 사진들 드립니다.