[Korean Movie in SD] “Tunnel 터널” Opens in AMC Fashion Valley on Fri, Aug 26


하정우 주연의 한국영화 ‘터널’, 8월 26일 금요일 샌디에이고 AMC 패션밸리 영화관에서 개봉합니다.

Just a week after the film “Operation Chromite” opened screenings in San Diego, another Korean film will be released for the San Diego audiences, but this time at the AMC Fashion Valley on Friday, August 26. This is according to the San Diego Korean Community site, SDSARAM.com. As of today, AMC Fashion Valley’s website does not show “Tunnel” listed on its Friday showtime schedule, but I’m hoping SDSARAM is accurate in its reporting and that we will be able to watch this film starting Friday!

According to YouTube channel “Drama Movie Fun”, ‘Tunnel’ is based on the novel with the same time by author So Jae-won. It is about a man, who is trapped in a tunnel and tries to get out of it. Ha Jeong-woo will play the protagonist, who is trapped in a tunnel due to careless construction. It received great reviews from Korean critics and a critic from the Variety seems to be quite impressed with it as well.

Trailer with English subtitles:
Here’s a review of the film by Variety:
And here is a link to AMC Fashion Valley website:

[Korean Movie in SD] Operation Chromite – Opens in San Diego Aug 12 인천상륙작전 샌디에이고 개봉 8월 12일 – with San Diego’s Korean War Veterans Featured in the Trailer


According to SDSARAM.com, a popular Korean-language community forum, announces that the latest Korean blockbuster, “Operation Chromite”, will be screening at 3 different theaters in San Diego starting Friday, August 12. Click below link for the SDSARAM.com posting, if you can read Korean. It is based on the Incheon Landing during the Korean War.


The film is playing at these 3 theaters:
1) Regal Mira Mesa 18
10733 Westview Pkwy, San Diego, CA 92126
2) AMC Mission Valley
West Mission Valley, 1640 Camino Del Rio N, San Diego, CA 92108
3) Regal Oceanside 16
Ocean Place Cinemas
401 Mission Ave., Oceanside, CA 92054

영화 ‘인천상륙작전’이 8월 12일 샌디에이고에서 개봉합니다. 3개의 다른 영화관에서 상영됩니다.
But more importantly, the film’s special edition trailers feature 3 Korean war veterans from San Diego! Mr. Jean White, Robert Whited, and Douglas Mitchell share their Korean war experience in the trailers below produced by Musa Media and All Warrior Network.
This one is with Mr. Jean White:

Aug-Sept: Upcoming events in the local Korean community

Here are a few upcoming events in the local Korean community: 8-9월 샌디에이고 한인 커뮤니티에서 열리는 여러 행사입니다:

1) Mon, Aug 15, 10am: Korean American Liberation Day event (an annual commemorative celebration of Korea’s independence from Japanese colonial rule) @ Korean United Methodist Church of San Diego (Address: 6701 Convoy Ct. San Diego, 92111) Hosted by San Diego Korean American Association and San Diego Korean American Senior Association. Agenda includes a performance by a Korean traditional music group led by Mr. In-tae Kim (청사초롱 국악단, 단장 김인태)

2) Aug 16-20: Chosin Few National Reunion, (main venue in the Mission Valley area) a US Marine Korean War Veterans’ event. About 160 Korean war veterans from all around the US who were a part of the battle at the Chosin Reservoir will be attending. I personally will be attending to record the veterans’ oral histories as a part of KWVDM. Anyone interested in helping out with the interviews? Let me know!
3) Sat, Sep 10, 5pm: Korean American Traditional Dance and Music Festival by the Korean American Association (the more 1st generation Korean community organization) @ Church of Jesus Christ LDS (11023 Pegasus Ave, San Diego, CA 92126), 5pm
4) Sun, Sep 11, 2pm: Korean Thanksgiving Celebration @ Zion Market (7655 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92111)
5) Sat, Sep 17, 2-3pm: House of Korea lawn event @ Balboa Park – cultural performances, Korean food booth, and more, to fundraise for House of Korea to build a “Korea cottage” as a part of the Balboa Park’s International cottages.
Exact Location: East side Lawn of Hall of Nation building
(Use 2306 Pan American Rd. W., San Diego, CA 92101 for GPS direction) 

Media Coverage of “Sesame Donuts” in San Diego

Aug 4, 2016: With shop owner Mrs. Kim at the famous Sesame Donuts. I hung out at the shop for about 2 hours, from 7-9pm, and seriously there was a customer walking in the door every other minute. It was great to see the community being so supportive! And by the time it became around 9pm, she was definitely in need of extra help, so I volunteered for about an hour taking customers’ orders. It was fun. 🙂  
Lots of donuts gone, but new batches coming soon from the kitchen! 

Sesame Donuts continues to receive a lot of media attention, even in Korea! Here is a list of all media coverage of Sesame Donuts that I found so far.
샌디에이고의 세서미 도너츠 샵이 국제적인 관심을 보이고 있네요- 한국 미디어에서도 샌디에이고 미디어가 취재한 영상을 재편집해 소셜미디어를 통해 알리고, 많은 댓글들이 달렸습니다. 그동안 제가 찾은 세서미 도너츠 관한 링크들 모아봤습니다.

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