Library: In the library, you will start with 5-10 minutes of reading the book Jindo and the Moon by Helen Kim. The book is in Korean, there will be a projector prepared with English meaning as well as the drawings from the book. After, a short presentation of pictures from one of our staff members’ previous trip to Korea.

Kpop Flash Mob: We will be teaching the kids a couple of 8 counts from the song 빠빠빠 (bar bar bar) and then afterwards we’re going to perform the same song, so the kids can dance along with what they just learned.

Calligraphy: In this room, you will be able to learn Korean calligraphy from our calligrapher, YongMi Park. Write and draw like a calligrapher and take home your paintings.

King SeJong Room: The first 10 minutes of this room, you will be presented with a play/puppet show about how Hangul came about. The second half is when young participants can color King Sejong coloring pages.

Korean 101 Room: Learn some Korean. Learn how to say various words and/or phrases and learn how to write their name in Hangul.

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