Team Sejong


Team Sejong – Learning Korean language and culture — Following the benevolent spirit of King Sejong the Great, creator of the Korean alphabet “Hangul” (or Hangeul)

Hangul Day is usually on Oct 9th of every year. The Korean government declared the day as a national holiday to celebrate the Korean alphabet. As you can tell, Korea and the Korean people are indeed very proud of Hangul. We are too!

We did a lot of activities in 2013-2014, including the annual Hangul Day at Barnard Elementary School. We couldn’t do one in 2015, but we are hoping to organize an event this year.

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Hangul Day 2014 @ Barnard Elementary School


Hangul Day 2013 @ Barnard Elementary School


Team Sejong members at the Asian Cultural Festival of San Diego, 2013