[KKonnect Review] Seoul Cafe #1

Just this past Saturday, March 31st, the Korea Daily held its first Seoul Cafe event at the Art and Light Gallery in La Mesa. Whether it was Kpop, food, media, or friends, attendees came together to share their genuine love for the Korean culture.

The evening began with a tea and coffee tasting where attendees experienced the popular flavors of tea and coffee in Korea. In addition, the gallery event gave a lesson in making popular Korean dishes, Dduk bok ee and Kimbap. For those who enjoyed Korean media, Seoul Cafe talked about Korea’s Yeosu Expo along with Recandplay’s “Indie music and streets of Seoul.” The San Diego Asian Film Festival also showed with clips of a few of their featured Korean movies in the upcoming Spring Showcase. Attendees grew excited as previews of big films such as “The Front Line,” “Sunny,” and “Nameless Gangsters,” had been chosen as the film festival’s featured films. Kpop enthusiasts were thrilled to participate in the Infinity challenge game. The group hosting the infinity challenge event was a local group in San Diego who were interested in recreating their own version of the popular Korean show, Running Man. The night ended for those who were 21+ with a small wine tasting of Dokdo Wine. Dokdo Wine is a beverage created to create awareness of the events occurring over the small Island of Dokdo between Korea and Japan.

Overall, Seoul Cafe was a fun and light experience that gave attendees a delightful taste of the Korean culture. Whether you participated directly or observed simply as an audience member, Seoul Cafe was a fun night. There was something for everyone’s tastes and you can be sure, this won’t be the last time you’ll hear about Seoul Cafe!

– Vong


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