[Event News] UCSD Korean Film Festival (Free!)

Join Mannam for our annual Korean Film Festival!

Wednesday, 4/11
Time: 5:30 pm
Film: Poetry 시
Location: IR/PS Robinson Building Complex (RBC) – Auditorium
Opening Remarks: Prof. Lee Jin-kyung (UCSD Literature)
Presentation: Jessica Conte (UC Irvine, East Asian Language & Literature)

Thursday, 4/12
Time: 5:30 pm
Film: Cyrano Agency 시라노 연애조작단
Location: IR/PS RBC – Auditorium
Opening Remarks by actress YunJung Elena Chang and
Laura Reitzman (UCSD, Literature)

Friday, 4/13
Time 3:00 pm
Documentary Film: Divided Family
Location: UCSD Great Hall
Opening remarks by director Eugene Chung and Prof. Haggard (UCSD, School of International Relations and Pacific Studies)

Time 5:30 pm
Film: Secret Reunion 의형제
Location: IR/PS RBC – Auditorium
Closing Remarks: Professor. Stephan Haggard

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