Spring Showcase Continues to Excite

It’s been a great showcase so far! Friday I saw the Japanese film I Wish. Told from a child’s perspective, it shows us that the miracles we seek are inside of us all, if we can just believe.

Next, was a film that shows us the last terrible days of the Korean War The Front Line . After years of negotiation, a settlement is in sight, but soldiers are still dying in their thousands over tiny hills that of course are fought over “to the last man”. Our protagonist is sent to investigate a potential spy in the ranks. He discovers so much more. Full of insights into our common humanity.

Today we have a excellent lineup all day! Including a Sunny encore. I guarantee you will love this funny and emotional film!

Also, You Are The Apple of my Eye and others will entertain and give you pause for thought. See the schedule below. enjoy!!

Saturday Schedule


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