Keepin’ it local @ KPBS 샌디에고의 KPBS 방송국을 방문 (by Clark)


꼬넥기자, Clark (용기) 가 샌디에고 주립대학에 위치한 KPBS studio 에 방문했습니다.

On Friday, April 20, I had the privilege of checking out KPBS headquarters. The two-story building lies at the southern edge of San Diego State territory. I had with me our very own Jini Shim, a fan of KPBS’ radio station, 89.5 in the San Diego area an 89.1 in the La Jolla area.

For the first hour, we watched what seemed to be an exclusive “Producer’s Club” meeting, where Tom Karlo, General Manager, gave us a report on the goals KPBS set out to achieve over the last few years. The major detail I took away was that KPBS is expanding, reaching out for more San Diegans, bringing them honest and unbiased news, on top of other quality programming.

The entire staff, especially Tom Karlo, was very approachable and friendly. After the Q&A following the presentation, Jini and I went on a tour of the studio. The bottom floor is where they keep most of their equipment, some state of the art technology along with aged analog equipment. We were able to see where they edit footage and send out feeds to Cox, Direct TV, and others.

After scavenging around the bottom floor we made our way up to the top floor, my favorite part of the tour. There, we saw all of their journalists hard at work. The coolest part about the building was everything was open. The center of the large room didn’t have a single wall, this allowed for good natural lighting and air to breathe in a creative space. Not only were journalists writing their articles and editing their own footage through Apple’s Final Cut program, the second floor was also home to the radio show.

When the tour was finished, Tom wanted to sit down with everyone so we could ask more questions about their expansion or anything else. The experience was a good example of how companies should be ran. Too often we see greed consume television and other media, but at KPBS they truly want to give what the audience is asking for. San Diego is a great city with great people and KPBS really strives to promote that.

To support KPBS tune in via radio, television, podcast, or check them out at



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