Opening Night Video and Tonight’s Films 샌디에고 아시안 영화제… 계속된다!

샌디에고 아시안 영화제의 개막작 상영날 분위기를 동영상으로 보세요!

오늘도 영화제는 계속됩니다.   가셔서 스케줄 보시고 영화 보러오세요!  (티켓 일인당 $11)

Great video from the Spring Showcase Opening Night! See the fun of attending a movie, not to mention the world class quality of our films.

Tonight at 6pm, we have Patang (The Kite) from India. See the color and emotion as a family reunites during a traditional kite festival.

At 8:30pm You Are The Apple of My Eye. From Taiwan, set in the 1990s, a fun and a bit crazy tale of 5 friends that all fall for the same girl. I loved it. due to popular demand, we have an encore showing tonight!

Please come out and Enjoy!


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