Los Angeles wants DSK 2013!!

DSK 2013

케이팝 매니아들에게 알립니다! 한국의 Dream Stage 2013!

K-pop enthusiasts around the world are fighting to get their city accepted as a audition location with the Dream Stage Korea 2013, Global Auditions. The auditions are being held by the Korean entertainment company, Avance Entertainment, which is according to their website, “is  a company that specializes in the management of foreign talent for the Korean entertainment industry.”

Local aspiring K-pop dancer, Helen Choi, says, “Avance entertainment is having Dream Stage Korea 2013, an international audition. Los Angeles is not yet a forsure candidate and we need more emails and votes from supporters to convince them to list LA as a candidate to hold live auditions.”

In order for any city to qualify for DSK 2013, they must form a group of at least 50 people and submit an application to Avance Entertainment.

“It’s like a point system,” says Choi. “People vote on facebook for the city they want. They add it all up in the end. The most active and most supported city get chosen.”

Choi has been dancing since elementary school and aspires to join the Korean music industry. Here’s one of her videos promoting LA: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAZzL0Zjxh0

***** Be sure to help southern California’s talent by going to http://www.facebook.com/AvanceEntertainment and voting for LA, CA on their poll.

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