Crunch-time at KKonnect!

Time is winding down here at the Korea Daily headquarters. It’s almost time for our final submissions for the new English section of the monthly Korea Daily San Diego Magazine. Jini, Vong, Ivan, and myself, are all excited to introduce our (and a few other guest writer’s) work to those interested in Korean culture. The June issue will be out sometime during the first week of the month. I won’t get into too much detail about what is inside, but I will say that you should pick up a copy if you like Korean music or food. You can pick up a copy around Zion market for free.

Also, any of you who took a picture with us at the Asian Cultural Festival, keep a look out for your mugshot inside the magazine (and the awesome mutjin saram shirts). We’re here for you guys and we’re excited to share our interests with you.

It’s crunch time!

KKonnect Writers


  1. I am SO looking forward to seeing the June magazine! And Korean music and food is EXACTLY what I want to learn more about! 😀


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