FUZE – a new Korean fusion restaurant in Mira Mesa

[[Francis’s Korean Restaurant Review: FUZE in Mira Mesa]]

By Francis Bautista

A Korean Asian Fusion restaurant experience? Holy flavor experiences Batman! Mira Mesa has a new restaurant in town, and it’s not your typical Asian restaurant. Oh no. This is “FUZE”, San Diego’s newest, baddest, and most awesome Asian Fusion restaurant. Located at 9379 MIRA MESA BLVD, San Diego, CA, FUZE finds creative ways to serve Korean dishes with flair and style. They taste great too, in case you were wondering. Really, these dishes taste great. But don’t take my word for it. We took the liberty of putting up some pictures below.

On my first trip to FUZE, one dish on the menu genuinely piqued my interest. Bulgogi sliders. For those of you that don’t know already, I enjoy sliders. Sliders represent the pinnacle of food efficiency, having meat and bread in the proper proportion. Putting Bulgogi in slider form is like eating a chocolate cake in a tub full of vanilla ice cream. It’s just perfect. The unique sweetness of the Bulgogi meat, coupled with the (vegetable) topping creates a flavor sensation that jolts your taste buds. I genuinely enjoyed every bite of these Bulgogi sliders.
As for the restaurant itself, it is very clean and functional. Mood lighting makes the restaurant really inviting and a fun place to eat your Bulgogi sliders. The chairs are comfortable and easy to sit in. The restaurant itself is modern and neat. FUZE makes for an excellent date spot. It’s got my nod for an “AWESOME DATE SPOTS OF SAN DIEGO” award.


[Francis is a twenty-something mixed martial artist, anime fan, video game nut, webcomic writer, and all around geek. Hailing from San Ysidro Norte, Francis enjoys doing all the stuff mentioned in the previous sentence. Check out more of his stuff at http://strawberryscentedburnout.wordpress.com%5D

[“Fuze combines Korean and international cuisine into a unique modern flavor. We also offer an extensive list of cocktails at our full bar”.]
[“So whether you’re looking for a nice family dinner or a place to unwind, Fuze offers an environment that can’t be found anywhere else in the North County area.”]


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