Chan-Sung Jung: The Korean Zombie

<<Chan-Sung Jung: The Korean Zombie

‘코리안 좀비’라는 별명을 가진 UFC종합격투기 선수 정찬성>>

by Francis Bautista

These days it’s common for people to have some sort of “Zombie Apocalypse” readiness plan.  The plans usually involve stockpiling food, ammunition, and holing up in a Wal-Mart.  As well thought-out these plans are, they’ve never factored in this zombie.  THE KOREAN ZOMBIE.

Chan-Sung Jung (13-3-0 W-L-D), affectionately nicknamed the “Korean Zombie”, has made headlines since his debut in the UFC. He earned the “Korean Zombie” nickname from his fighting style and his granite-like jaw, where no matter what punishment is sent his way, he continues to push forward toward his opponent.  Like a zombie.  Except this zombie isn’t trying to eat your face off.  He’s trying to make you tap out or knock you out.

Growing up, he was the subject of bullying and ridicule from his classmates simply because of his small-town origins.  His aunt later enrolled him in Hapkido classes as a means of self-defense and confidence building. In high school he later started Kickboxing and MMA training, and continued training by majoring in “Mixed Martial Arts” at Gyung-Buk Science University. Once Chan-Sung Jung went pro, he won his first 9 fights.  His first loss, against Leonard Garcia in the WEC, won “Fight of the Night” honors.  He would later avenge that loss in a rematch with a submission move not yet seen in the UFC, the “Twister”–a submission move where the neck and body are twisted in opposite directions. Chan Sung-Jung was the first to do this, and that submission earned him a “Submission of the Night” accolade and a hefty bonus as well.

Chan-Sung Jung is riding a wave of momentum and popularity not seen in Asian Mixed Martial Artists ever.  Only time will tell what the future holds for Chan-Sung Jung, but he’ll face it the only way he knows how.  He’ll continue to move forward, unflinching, and ready to strike as soon as the opportunity arises.

About writer: Francis is a twenty-something mixed martial artist, anime fan, video game nut, webcomic writer, and all around geek.  Hailing from San Ysidro Norte, Francis enjoys doing all the stuff mentioned in the previous sentence.  Check out more of his stuff at


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