SBS K-Pop Super Concert in LA on August 10th!




SBS 케이팝 콘서트 – 로스앤젤레스에서- 8월 10일. 홈디포 센터.

Ahh..summer is finally kicking into full gear, how do I know? Well, because San Diego Comic Con is happening, but sadly, I couldn’t go to it. Ahh….Depression.

But!!! If any like-minded individuals who are also suffering are out there reading this, fear not!

It was just announced that SBS will be holding a K-pop concert on Friday, August 10th at the Home Depot Center in LA!

The concert, which is named “K-Pop Super Concert” rightly so, will feature groups such as SNSD (Girls’ Generation), 2PM, 2AM, KARA, SISTAR, SECRET, CN Blue, Mblaq, SHINee, and maybe more as the details continue to roll out!

Tickets are on sale July 18th through Home Depot Center Box Office or So keep on eye out for them!!!


  1. Terrible Service from AXS . Once you purchased , they don’t change your seat for you !! (And the seat info is not showing online)


  2. SBS Kpop Super Concert TICKET on sale!!!

    VIP FLOOR4 {Right Section} Row 7 Seats 25-27. (Total 3)

    VIP FLOOR3 {Center Section} Row 18 Seats 23-25 !! (Total 3)

    $336.50 for 1 ticket. price can be talk. Can be sell separately.

    These were all VIP tickets, therefore there will be more benefits. For now, they announce that we are able to attend their rehearsal on the day of the concert. There maybe more benefits out soon, you will be updated!!

    All tickets are E-tickets. I can either email it to you or Mail to you.

    or contact me by email :


  3. I’m not too keen on either. It’s vexing choosing a seat.

    It would be nice to know what the extra $200.00 for a VIP ticket gets you besides a preshow, perhaps dinner with Kara? Two hundred dollars can buy a pricey dinner for each member of SNSD or cheap seats at an MLS game for each member of KARA.


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