Landmark Theatres.. Always a great film lineup




I often catch a copy of this San Diego film calendar and browse for films. I hadn’t come across a copy lately till this morning, and look how many great films there are– oh no, I should rather say, have screened and are not available anymore – 😦

오랜만에 샌디에고 영화 캘린더 플라이어를 봤다. 아– 괜찮은 영화 여러개가 벌써 상영을 했었구나! 샌디에고에서 몇 안되는 아트하우스/독립영화관은 한달 정도가 아닌 대부분 일주일 동안만 영화를 상영한다. 놓치기 전에 꼭 찾아보시길! 라호야. 힐크레스트. 켄 영화관 등이 있음.

Lesson learned: keep updated with the independently owned arthouse movie venues! Some films that caught my eye can be seen in the above images but keep yourself updated too and catch the rare chance to see these films while you can !

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