Ever since this song came out, South Korea’s been on a tear.

Seriously, ever since the k-pop industry started making theme songs for South Korea’s national soccer team, they’ve been damn near unstoppable. Score one to the power of K-pop.


What do Baby VOX, S.E.S., Dara, Shinhwa, Black Beat and other k-pop stars have in common?  They’ve made theme songs for the South Korean soccer team.

Yes, I only watched it at first for Baby VOX and S.E.S..  And Shinhwa.  Still, can you believe that this song came out 10 years ago?

Right now South Korea’s soccer team is still in contention for a medal at the London Olympics.  FIGHTING!


    • Sure. It looks like most of my “Now Listening” songs are all from the late 90’s-early 00’s.

      I’ve got another one that I’ll post later. It’s from SM Entertainment this time around :).


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