It’s summertime, it’s hot, so I think we need to cool down.

I guess this would fall under #throwbackthursdays, right Jini?

I’m not sure if SM Entertainment still does seasonal albums nowadays.  This song was released back in 2002.  If you’re wondering where SNSD is….well, they’re not here.  At this point, the girls were probably preteens, or younger.  Seohyun was definitely 10-11.  This video is a time capsule, forreal.  You can still see the remnants of the late 90’s in Moon Hee Jun’s hair.  Purple.  And no, I can’t take you(Moon Hee Jun) seriously anymore when you act all hard, ‘cuz I know Taeyeon owns you.  I saw Intimate Note.   Look at BoA!  She’s so cute!  This is waaaay before Hurricane Venus.

The groups/performers featured in this video?  S.E.S., H.O.T., Shinvi, Black Beat, BoA, and a couple others.  Now here’s the question.

Out of all the performers that participated in the video, who’s still part of SM today?

Sound off in the comment section below if you know!



  1. To me, around this time was the golden age of KPop. All the people who listen to KPop now… I always give them the ‘back in my day’ speeches. Man, I’m getting old.


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