Flashback Friday – H.O.T. – Candy.

Spikes and Bangs, people. That’s what you needed in the K-pop world.

To be a 90’s K-pop group, your name had to be an acronym of some sort.  Half the time it didn’t make sense.  Girls, your hair was colored.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  Guys, your hair was spiked and banged.  Colored too.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

Today’s flashback friday/throwback thursday song comes courtesy of H.O.T. (Highfive of Teenager.  No seriously, that’s what it stands for.).   If anything, this was the first salvo in the K-pop assault that would hit our shores.

Some time later, a certain band named SHINee did a throwback performance….


  1. (hahaha are you serious that’s seriously what H.O.T. means? XD all this time I’ve been wondering…) Omgggg I think I just found a new favorite song. And the SHINee version <333


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