[K-Restaurants] Korean Kitchen in Chula Vista


Oh my! A Korean Food restaurant south of Convoy?

I heard about this place a few weeks back from Jini, who suggested Francis, Rolando, and I check it out since it’s much closer to home.  Feeling starved after waiting around the doctor’s office for 2 hours, my mom and I decided to check this place out.  I would’ve taken more photos inside but I was a bit distracted by watching the PSY concert on the TV (To be honest, it was really empty and I felt weird busting out my camera…)   Anyway, the location itself is pretty spacious and super clean.  There’s a chalkboard with the daily deals a-midst the 3 flat screens, which played a variety  of things to keep you entertained (but you could only hear the K-POP playing faintly in the background).

The menu has the your standard assortment of Korean dishes in addition to alcohol.  My mom opted for the 돌솥 비빔밥, while I grabbed myself a 갈비 lunch box.  We also ended up sharing an order of 계란찜.  I was surprised by how much food we got for the price… ‘Twas quite delicious, I must say.  The waitress was really nice too!

I hope that with time they’ll add more to the menu~  I’ll definitely bring my friends with me next time we’re craving some Korean food and looking to stay in the neighborhood. Until Next time, I’m headed off to my first driving lesson! Wish me luck? ;~;



  1. I’ve been checking on Yelp about south county Korean restaurants and found that there were none actually open, except for the new one you reviewed.

    Sounds really good! How would it be if you don’t speak Korean? Thanks!


    • Oops, late reply. ;~;
      There’s not much of a language or communication issue because they all speak English. They’re pretty helpful too when it comes to asking about dishes and such (from my experiences).


      • That’s really good to know! I’ll be sure to try them out and bring some friends along! 🙂

        I think it would be great if Kkonnect had a Yelp account to post reviews as well – could bring in a lot of new people here as well.


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