[Now Listening] “Hands Up” by 2PM

You know what song I heard recently? I went to Zion Market (a Korean market here in San Diego) and I went to the kpop section to see if they had a specific album I was looking for and you know what song they were playing on the loud speakers? None other than “Hands Up” by 2pm. I was so excited. I wanted to dance in the store. I remember when this song first came out (June 20th, 2011), I loved it like no other. Then I stopped listening to it for awhile and now I’m back into it. To be honest, this was the first time I ever listened to 2pm. I didn’t know much about them. I fell in love with this song and it was very hard to pick a bias. Anyways, it’s a great song, you should listen to it. Also, the music video is awesome to watch in 1080p.


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