[Now Listening] “I Wish” by FT Island

So guys, FT (Five Treasure) Island is back with their latest album “Five Treasure Box” and the title song of this album is called “I Wish.” FT Island is more often referred to as a rock band but I still include them in the kpop category because they’re one of the better known korean bands out there. I honestly don’t know too much about FT Island as a whole (only having three of their songs) but I’ll tell you that I DO know a lot about Lee Hongki (the leader of this group) and I’m in love with him and his voice is amazing. That alone can keep me going. This song “I Wish” has a great rock sound and they’ve also added a little Mexican Salsa vibe in as well! This has appealed to many fans and I’m loving it. This song’s been on repeat for a long time. Hongki’s voice is so powerful and this song is super catchy. Please check it out if you haven’t already!

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