CSA Casting Call

 An Open Casting Call

CSA Casting Director Samuel Warren is casting

 Adults, Teenagers & Kids (10-12) On-Camera Acting talent or Dancers & or Singers or Musicians who are available for work.

Please note regarding those who are minors; (legally 10 to 17) can apply or audition but they must be accompanied by one of their parents or with a legal guardian, there are no exceptions to this. 18 or older do not need a parent or legal guardian present.  Mr. Warren is casting all ethnic types and people who speak in any language from any country.

Auditioning on Saturday; Oct. 6 & Sunday: Oct. 7th from Noon until 6:00 PM.  Auditioning at casting offices: Samuel Warren & Associates Casting Services

5205 Kearny Villa Way, San Diego, California, 92123/ 619–264-4135

Requirements for those who wish to be considered for projects at the audition; Please bring a current photo or snap shot, performance resume and if available, a demo; CD or DVD of the talent’s previous work. 

All talent will be asked to audition on the spot, so please come prepared. If you’re an on-camera talent, have a 2 minute memorized monologue, a singer a brief song- no longer then 3 ½ minutes, a musician should have a short piece that reveals their instrumental skills and a dancer should do a short one minute and a half dance number. Further details for those auditioning are as follows for Singers or Dancers;

 Singers must come with a song, ready to perform it in an acapella style or with their own accompaniment (an instrument or their own musician or bring there own CD music player ) & if the talent is a Dancer they too must have their own accompaniment CD Music Player to play their own music while doing their dance number.

There is no charge to the talent to audition. There is pay for their entertainment services should they be booked from this casting session being held on 10/6 & 7/12!

All information regarding this project will be explained at the auditions.

If you wish to know any additional details regarding Mr. Warren casting company’s services, please feel free to go to the website:  HYPERLINK “http://www.samuelwarren.com” http://www.samuelwarren.com

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