Korean historical drama ‘Masquerade’ at AMC Fashion Valley!

Set in the seventeenth century during the Joseon Dyanasty, one of Fall’s most anticipated historical movies is coming to a San Diego theater!  This film is an interpretation by Hwang Jo-yoon, co-writer of Old Boy, of the unknown 15 days during King Gwanghae’s resignment. The first movie about this controversial period of time, this film is about the King who, under assassination threats, has to find a double after the King is ultimately poisoned. One of Korea’s most famous actors, Lee Byun-hun, plays both King Gwanghae and the replacement Ha-sun. Check out the trailer of this thrilling movie here!

Masquerade Trailer

This movie will be shown October 19th at the AMC Theater in Fashion Valley.

For more information visit: masquerademovie2012.com

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