[Now Listening] “Ageha Dance” by Double A (AA)

Hey everyone, have you been well?~ v(⌒o⌒)v♪

Just so you know, school work and college applications had me super busy for the past couple weeks. All I can say that it’s not very fun at all.  This weekend marks a very special event.. A long awaited break for myself!~ (Okay, so it’s not really anything special to you)

I’m pleased to see that 2 of my favorite groups decided on coming back one after another, and that brings us to the point of this post!  After waiting about a year (with “supposed” comeback details sprinkled throughout), I’m glad to say that Double A is finally coming back with a full-length debut album~

Double A (AA) is the first idol group signed under Wellmade STAR M, a company known for managing many actors and actresses.  Comprised of members: Woo Sang, Aoora, Kimchi, Ju Won, and Ho Ik.  The group had been anticipated by many since last November’s single, “Because I’m Crazy”; which was performed alongside labelmate/actress Ha Ji Won during their debut.  Also known as the Self-Sufficient idols, most (if not all) things in regards to composition/production/choreography/styling, are handled by the members themselves.

As a kind gift to the patient fans, the group released a full MV for “Ageha Dance”; Inspired by a famous Tokyo dance club that the group was invited to perform at over the Summer alongside Friend/Fellow Producer Daishi Dance.  I think it’s a pretty catchy tune! (completely in English, so it’s not too hard to sing along)

But remember, it’s only a preview into what’s to come in the next month.. So I hope that I can get you all as pumped as I am over this!


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