KPOP Briefing

An Overview of the Oldies and the Latest in Kpop

by Eli, Rhema, and Twitchykun

“Sexy, Free & Single” by Super Junior

Super Junior’s 6th album and their title song from that album is called Sexy, Free & Single. This is their last full length album before Super Junior’s leader, Leeteuk, goes and serves his duty in the military. Because of this, their comeback album has a lot of deep emotions. Their title song “Sexy, Free & Single” is possibly my favorite song of the whole year so far. The music video on YouTube currently has over 13 million views and has won Super Junior many awards on various music shows. The whole album, as well as this song, has a very catchy beat and gives fans lots of happiness. Check out the song and I promise you’ll be bobbing your head to the beat.

“I Wish” by FT Island

FT (Five Treasure) Island is back with their latest album “Five Treasure Box” and the title song of this album is called “I Wish.” FT Island is more often referred to as a rock band and this new song has a great rock sound with a little Mexican Salsa vibe in as well. This has appealed to many fans and I’m loving it, too. The main vocal Hongki’s voice is so powerful and the beat will catch you doing the shoulder dance in no time.

“I’m Your Girl” by SES

Waaay before Girls’ Generation, SM Entertainment had a 3-girl pop group.  Consisting of Sea(Bada), Eugene, and Shoo, S.E.S. proved to be a solid act, in addition to being one of the first successful female k-pop groups, staying together for a quite a long time.  This is one of their most famous songs. You know how you can tell that this is a 90′s K-pop song?  RAP INTROS AND INTERLUDES!

“Candy” by H.O.T

The oversized jumpers, bubbly pop lyrics, and bright colors; these are things that shall always be reminiscent of the days of early K-POP. Having been born in 1995, “Candy”came out when I was but a year old (and through Super Junior’s cover of the later song “Happiness”, I found out about “Candy”). The acronym “H.o.T”, stands for “High-Five of Teenagers”, the name of one of K-POP’s first boy bands. “Candy” is a fun-sounding song at first, but in actuality, it’s describing a boyfriend’s final frustration with his relationship and how he shall love his girl no matter what. To this day, it’s a song that is commonly covered by younger generation idols and has stood the test of time!

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