Korean Traditional Music Orchestra of the Blind

Just this past Tuesday, October 30, San Diego State students had a treat with a concert by the very talented Korean Traditional Music Orchestra of the Blind. It was hosted by the Siloam Center for the Blind, and of course, the big event was open to the community as well!
The performers consisted of Kim Sohee, Park Jisun, Lee Jinyoug, Jung Chul, Lee Hyun-A, and Mun Jongseok. Guest performers for his tour were Choi Soon Hee, Kill Seok Geun, Cho Min Soo, You Hee Jung, and Kim Min Jung. There is also director Choi Dongic and artistic director Byun Jonghyuk.

If you’ve never attended a traditional music concert, it’s quite a different experience. But honestly, I felt a lot of emotion coming from these musicians and i was quite impressed. Especially since many of the performers were blind, I must say, they worked very hard and the show was a big success.

One piece in particular, showcasing the Geomungo (거문고), was very exciting. Looking throughout the packed room, I could see many other audience members getting into it too.

But if you missed out, don’t fret! The group is on its USA Performance tour and will be performing again 7:00PM Thursday November 1, 2012 in Robinson Auditorium at the University of California, San Diego.

Korean Traditional Music Orchestra of the Blind

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