BIGBANG Alive Galaxy Tour 2012 in Anaheim, California

GD&TOP on segways!

Seeing BIGBANG live and in person is a dream that has finally been fulfilled! BIGBANG is my favorite kpop group of all time and I finally enjoyed their concert on November 2nd at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California. I feel like I know the members even better now! Daesung’s shyness, Taeyang’s English speaking, Seungri’s dorkiness, GD’s confidence, and T.O.P’s mysteriousness. The concert lasted for about 3 hours and the boys did not disappoint. They played most of my all time favorite BIGBANG songs and I was having a great time dancing in my seat. My ultimate bias T.O.P is so handsome I think I could die. The whole night was great, and earlier in the day I went shopping in LA at Koreatown and Little Tokyo. The ULTIMATE best part of the night though was……you want to see? WE SUNG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO TOP! That’s right, his birthday is on November 4th and he turned 26. The funny thing is he did the most HILARIOUS dance you will ever see in your entire life and it made me overbearingly happy. Check it out below (as well as his cute attempt at speaking English)!!!


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