Annual International Music and Arts Festival 1/12 @Poway Center for the Performing Arts

SD Chinese Art and Culture

On Saturday January 12th,The San Diego Chinese Art and Cultural Society presents: the 2013 Annual International Music and Arts Festival. 2013’s spectacle will feature: the magnificent Greater San Diego Community Orchestra, conducted by Dr. Angela Yeung, the internationally award winning Canadian brother strings duo, Kerson Leong, the violinist, and Stanley Leong, the cellist, the innovative and out of this world hip-hop dance crew, Super Galactic Beat Manipulators, a global ancient Silk Road dancing sensation, and an extraordinary , or Face Changing artist, just to name a few of the dazzling performances which will take the stage.

For tickets please contact Miranda Lee at (858) 759-9581 or Wendy Meng
$15.00/$20.00/$25.00/$100.00 Adults/Children (all
Everyone must have his/her own ticket, including infants

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