The 2nd Annual Korean Cultural Night at UCSD

Mark your calendars! April 12th is the night of Korean cultural fun @ UCSD.

Korean Culture Night (KCN) is the biggest cultural event at University of California, San Diego (UCSD) hosted annually by UCSD KASA (Korean American Students Association) and UCSD Ko.SCA (Korean Student Cultural Association). The purpose of this event is to increase cultural awareness and to unify the native Korean students, Korean American students, as well as anyone interested in the Korean culture in UC San Diego.

KCN will showcase a variety of performances by the talented UCSD students that represents the Korean culture. This event provides free Korean food and drinks for the audience and promotes audience participation through games, quizzes, and raffle prizes throughout the evening between the performances. KCN will be both an entertaining and educational night for the attendees, and the event will annually be held in the beginning of the spring quarter of the academic year of UCSD.

Last year’s very first KCN event (2012) was very successful with over 350 attendees, despite the short time to advertise the event and the horrible weather. This only proves that KCN has a huge potential. We will work hard to make KCN the biggest and the most popular annual UCSD event that will create an everlasting positive impact on campus and the surrounding San Diego community. This year’s KCN will take place on April 12th in PC Theatre on campus.

There is a global popularity of the South Korean entertainment and culture, and by utilizing this widespread interest, KCN will not only reach out to Korean students, but will also bring together many other ethnic groups to expose them to the Korean culture, as well as educate them on the social and cultural issues that Korean Americans of our generation face today. We plan to demonstrate the issues this year by filming a sketch featuring UCSD students, which will be both entertaining and culturally educating.

Ever since I entered UCSD as a freshman, I have had a goal of organizing KCN. KCN was also held during my high school years in Diamond Bar, and has had a lot of personal meaning to me. Fortunately, I had the opportunity last year to organize the event successfully with UCSD KASA, UCSD Ko.SCA, and KGSA with the help from my high school mentors who had experience in holding KCN. While planning UCSD’s first KCN, I quickly realized that KCN can be more than a simple replication of a talent show from my high school years. An event such as KCN has a much bigger potential that can be used as a powerful educational and cultural tool that can change the surrounding San Diego community. This year, we plan to execute KCN to its full potential!

For inquiries please contact:

AUTHOR BIO: James Lee is a 4th year undergraduate student at UC San Diego studying Physiology and Neuroscience and he plans to apply to medical school after graduating this spring.

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