[Now Listening] The Korean-American Rainy Day Remix

Korea Rain

Yes San Diego, its raining, and no its not the end of the world (even though the traffic on the 805 and 15 appear as if it is). I present to you something connecting the current weather to Korea… Presenting Tiffany from SNSD singing a cover of the hit song “Umbrella”

And although this is not KPop,   as a Pacific Northwesterner it is my obligation to play our region’s national anthem.  Presenting “I’m Only Happy When it Rains” from Garbage. That’s right, we in the Northwest embrace the darkness, the melancholy,  the feeling of wet socks after stepping in a puddle is cathartic, windshield wiper squeals send us to nirvana,  and we create the most expensive and addictive coffee on the planet!!!

(picture taken from flikr.com digitalmeowmix’s photostream)

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