[Now Listening] RANIA’s (라니아) Just Go (뮤직비디오) & Double A’s (더블에이) Rollin’ Rollin’ (뒹굴뒹굴)

Hello friends!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? ㅋㅋㅋ

Anyway, since I’ve been kicking back and trying to give myself a little more free time.. I thought I might as well post an update or two.  Today happens to be a very lucky day, as I’ve decided to do a “Now Listening” for 2 new songs~  The two I have picked for this post are  RANIA’s (라니아) Just Go (뮤직비디오) &  Double A’s (더블에이) Rollin’ Rollin’ (뒹굴뒹굴).  Both are groups that I happen to like very much, but are (or will probably face being) banned for broadcast, due to the “mature nature” of the song (lyrically, within choreography, or both)

Either way, I still love them and there’s nothing that’s gonna stop me from listening~

Oh no!  The return of the /sexy/ concept is finally here~ It’s quite risque of them after past trouble with the MOGEF for their debut, “Dr. Feel Good”, but I definitely commend the girls for taking the sexy route (because I really enjoyed their debut, to be quite honest).  The song itself has: catchiness, a strong beat, and the RANIA flair! It feels reminiscent of the older Christina Aguilera songs, in which having member Jooyi (known for her vocal covers of Aguilera’s songs), is a plus.  The choreo is going to cause quite some trouble in terms of promotions (yet again), but what does it really matter~? I love me some RANIA goodness, and “Just Go” trumps their past two songs by a long-shot.  I’m super duper excited for the mini album, and from what I’ve listened to so far, it’s wonderful and I advise you all to give it a listen!  (I’ll update later with my picks… if I remember to)

So today, my friend texted me “DOUBLE A is banned from KBS and SBS. I’m kinda upset”.  I was extremely confused as to why because the teaser for Rollin’ Rollin’ included the instrumental to random clips of the members literally rolling around in white sheets.  Innocent enough, right?  Guess not, because the song was banned for having /suggestive/ lyrics such as, “I want to roll, roll around’, and ‘I want to roll, roll around with you”.  The band’s label replied with, ” The song ‘Rollin’ Rollin” talks about wanting to spend a lazy day together with a loved one, and we’re disappointed that it was seen sexually.”  In all honesty, I think that other groups have got away with a lot more…  But it’s okay because the song was a pre-release for their album that’s dropping at the end of March (so much for just one more month, October was like.. 5!), so keep looking out!


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