Catching the Hallyu Wave in Pacific Beach

Catching the Hallyu Wave in Pacific Beach:

KSCPP at the Pacific Beach Library

March 9th at Pacific Beach, the weather was calm, the sun’s rays were bright, the wind was soft, and the waves reflected an almost limestone emerald glow. And yet, instead of lines of people forming at the entrance to the beach, there was a line of people waiting indoors at the library.

The Korean Spirit and Culture Promotion Project (KSCPP) held an informational session on Korean culture at the Pacific Beach Library. A capacity crowd was present, patiently waiting at the front desk, anticipating the start of the event to satisfy their curiosity of Korea and Korean Culture. The event being so popular, some were required to be put on waitlists before entering. Members of KKonnect were given special access to experience a truly unique event.

The event showcased documentaries on the many wonders and achievements in of Korea’s past from ancient, pre-modern times to the modern world. These included videos of the precision metallurgy required to create the Golden Earrings of Silla, the artisan craft used in the production of the Tripitaka Koreana, the creation of the Hangul script, and ending with a presentation of the scientific, technological, and engineering advances which acted as a catalyst to the meteoric economic rise of modern day Korea.

Audience members were also treated to witness a traditional Korean wedding ceremony featuring elegant dresses, presentations on wedding etiquette, and a blushing bride.

The event ended with a lecture on the health benefits of Korean Cuisine and food preparation, aptly followed by a wonderful lunch spread of Bibimbap, Seafood P’achon, Japchae, Kimchi, Bulgogi, dessert Dduk, and refreshing Sikhye.

Korean Spirit & Culture Promotion Project is a non-for-profit organization that was formed in September, 2005 to promote Korean history and culture to the wider world. The headquarter is in Seoul, Korea and branches are in New York, New Jersey, Atlanta, Los Angeles in the Unites States as well as in Germany and United Kingdom.

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