HMART OPENS IN SAN DIEGO: A new chapter in the Asian Market Chronicles


HMART OPENS IN SAN DIEGO: A new chapter in the Asian Market Chronicles

H-Mart made it’s much anticipated Grand Opening in San Diego on November 17, 2012. The atmosphere was electric as a mass of eager shoppers awaited the opening of the doors, stretching across the large parking lot and looping a few times. Pungmul dancers were frolicking through the crowds, beating drums thunderously, playing horns which resonated throughout Mira Mesa. Representatives from HMart came to commemmorate not only their new store opening, but also their 30th anniversary of existence.


As the store doors opened, a flux of shoppers charged inside with shopping carts and a flurry of baskets. After surviving a pit of excited shoppers poking and bumping me for room (or perhaps flirting), I emerged and got my first glimpse of the market. Inside a very modern market with both Korean and American products, a deli section, fresh meat, organic produce, and fish market. H-Mart San Diego has the distinct feel of an Asian Whole Foods offering rare high-end American products in addition to Asian products. In addition, there is also a small bakerycalled “Paris Baguette”, offering desserts, pastries, fresh bread and croquettes.


From my many travels across the United States, I’ve noticed that each H-Mart offers a different selection of products, bakeries and food courts making each H-Mart unique and adding a little intrigue with each store opening.



In other news, Mira Mesa is slowly becoming the new hub of Asian grocery stores in SanDiego with Lucky Seafood, Seafood City, Vinh Hung Supermarket and now H-Mart.

Now we wait to see how Korean markets like Zion Market will respond to this opening… This writer expects more competitve prices and happier customers.

-Fateh K.

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