The Asian Market Chronicles: Six Markets in Six Haikus


The Asian Market Chronicles: An Introduction to Six of My Favorite Markets in Six Haikus

Ranch 99 Market

Like Asian Walmart

Parking Can Be a Nightmare

Get Bo Luo Bun

Zion Market

Kimchi and Curry

They Put the Soul in Seoul Food

Try the Koroke

Mitsuwa Market

Regional Food Fairs

Ramen, Bookstore and Sushi

Japan in Your Face

Nijiya Market

J-Pop on Speakers

Fresh Made Cream Puffs on Weekends

Decent Fish Array

Marukai Market

Hello Kitty Store

Food Plaza And Value Store

Get Membership Card

Balboa International Market

Western Asian Food

Remember to Say “Salaam”

Kebobs are Yummy

Fateh banner