Pacific Arts Movement: Spring Showcase Film Festival Kicks off 4/18!

spring showcase
Among the films is a North Korean narrative film called COMRADE KIM GOES FLYING, produced in North Korea for North Koreans.  We thought this would be of interest to some Koreans who have never seen something like this.  It definitely gives insight into North Korean society.
Also, we are showing PIETA, by Kim Ki Duk, which is the first Korean film to win the top prizes at one of the three world’s most prestigious festivals (Cannes, Venice, Berlin).  It is a pretty brutal movie, so it’s not for the faint of heart. But definitely critically-acclaimed.
And finally, we have a Korean American film called ABIGAIL HARM, directed by Lee Isaac Chung, based on a Korean folktale called the “woodcutter”.  His interpretation of the Korean folktale is fascinating, and it stars non-Korean characters.

Jini Shim |  Reel Voices Coordinator (Students Apply Today!)

2508 Historic Decatur Road, Suite 140 San Diego, CA 92106 | o: 619-400-5911 | c:  949-233-7868

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