From Chosin Few Newsletter 2013

May 2013

(excerpt from the Chosin Few Article)

Our outreach to members of the Korean community brought us an unusual guest last month. His presentation was mainly about his experience in Forensics.

He was Dr. Steven Sohn, retired Navy Captain, an unusual man with a very unusual history. He was born in a part of Korea, which is now in the hands of the North Koreans. But he served in the South Korean Navy as a doctor as well as in the U. S. Navy in the same capacity. Compared to us in The Chosin Few, he is a youngster, born in 1936. Throughout his entire life he has been mostly involved in medicine, particularly pathology and forensic medicine as practitioner and teacher. He lives in La Jolla. While his presentation was very entertaining, we may have him back to tell about his amazing life, which I think is probably a lot more exciting and interesting to us.

We have to thank Jini Shim, our Korean journalist for her help in having interesting guests at our monthly get-togethers. She and Shane Pak, our video expert, are on a continuing trek to memorialize the Chosin Few with photos and videos of our events.

Chosin Few Newsletter May 2013

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