Mutjin Saram in Seoul!

IMG_0738 Finally my dream came true; to visit Korea! Seeing historic temples located amongst the modern landscape of the city, walking down the vibrant streets of Myeongdong crowded with shoppers and couples, taking pictures with idol cutouts, eating the most delicious (and not to mention cheap) street ddeokbokki, and listening to Seoul’s indie music scene in Hongdae. There is so much happening in Seoul and the city seems to come alive especially into the night. To anyone who has ever watched dramas or music videos which show scenes of the city, being here will give you a surreal feeling as if you have stepped into a drama yourself. Although the journey to this country is not cheap, everything else here is absolutely affordable and I highly recommend visiting sometime.

Stay tuned for future posts and articles to get an insight on what life is like in Seoul!




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