The Gangnam Style Singing Toothbrush

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The Gangnam Style Singing Toothbrush

Tired of brushing your teeth to the sound of birds chirping or even more boring, blissful silence…blah!  Tired of being teased in class for having a regular toothbrush and not one with a Korean animated character like all the popular kids? Tired of dragging your heavy MP3 player to the bathroom risking acute backpain just to listen to your favorite song in the bathroom? Ugh, I know I am…

Gangnam Style Toothbrush

Behold, the revolutionary Gangnam Style Toothbrush!  We’ve all heard Gangnam Style on the radio or internet, but the experience is totally different with the state-of-the-art speakers on the toothbrush and the acoustics of a bathroom. Also, the party only ends when the batteries die.

Have a foamy mouthed horse galloping party in the convenience of your bathroom with:

  • Parents
  • Exes
  • Colleagues
  • Pets
  • Girlfriends
  • Boyfriends
  • Preppies
  • Jocks
  • Nerds
  • Goths
  • And Etc?!?

**WARNING: KKonnect does not promote the “Gangnam Style Singing Toothbrush” or any “Foamy mouthed horse galloping bathroom parties”, please use caution when engaging in such activities**

-Fateh K.

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