Romantic Fantasy Film, “A Werewolf Boy” makes it’s way to DVD

The popular romantic fantasy film, A Werewolf Boy, starring Park Bo-young and Song Joong-ki is set to be released on DVD on August 13th.

WereWolfBoy_DVD_wrap_AA Werewolf Boy (늑대소년) is the story of Kim Su-ni, an elderly woman living in the United States who receives a phone call that sends her packing to Korea once again. She heads back to the countryside cottage she stayed at as a youth, and is overwhelmed by the memories in this village. For when she was a teenager, her family took in a young wild boy, who didn’t know how to read, speak or interact with other human beings. The family gave him the name Chul-soo, and even though Su-ni was annoyed with his presence, she became in charge of “training” him; teaching him how to wear clothes, how to write and other human behaviors. Through her attempts to change Chul-soo and make him “civilized”, the two form a strong bond that slowly changes into love. However, he gets tempted to invoke his “beast” instincts and soon becomes a target from the angry villagers. In order to save him, Sun-ni must leave him behind but promises to return to him one day.

The film made its premiere on November 8th, 2012 in Korea and quickly became an instant hit with 4.12 million admissions by November 15, making it the most successful Korean melodrama of all time. A Werewolf Boy became the official selection for the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival, 2012 Vancouver International Film Festival, 2012 Hawaii International Film Festival, 2012 Busan International Film Festival, and the 2012 Abu Dhabi International Film Festival. A book was even published, based off the original screenplay of the film.

A Werewolf Boy (3)A Werewolf Boy (2)

A Werewolf Boy was released through CJ Entertainment America which is the U.S extension for CJ Entertainment and Media, Korea’s number one filmmaker and distributor Company. E&M has developed and distributed 200 premium movie theater sites, in order to spread awareness of the Korean Cinematic culture and is one of the lead concert promoters in establishing “K-Pop” as a world music genre. Others popular films they have released includes The Man from Nowhere, The Good, the Bad, the Weird, A Bittersweet Life, Joint Security Area and the Vengeance trilogy.

The DVD is presented in Korean 5.1 Dolby Digital Sound, comes with English subtitles and has a running time for approximately 120 minutes. The DVD also comes with special features including “The Making of”, “The Language of Chul-soo”, deleted scenes with commentary and footage of their poster shoot.


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