One Day Down, One to Go #KCON2013

San Diego KPop Flash Mob members receive top honors in Dance contest!


what winners look like
What winners look like



San Diego’s very own KPop Flash mob members took top honors at the dance contest held on the outdoor stage at KCON today.




The day was hot, but tempers were not. The local constabulary assured me that KPOP events were by far their favorites. Fans may be a little crazy, but they are definitely polite.

Hello from KCON 2013!

While there was a constant buzz of activity and noise, there was also a lad back feel to the atmosphere. Fans moseyed from booth, from event to event, occasionally stopping for a bite to eat, or to lounge in a shady spot for a while.


learn to growl
Learning to GROWL!

The Dance-all-day stage was a popular gathering spot: Free dance classes were held throughout the day by professional choreographers. Music played in between classes that had KCON-ers showing off their moves.


Yu Seung Woo
Yu Seung Woo

Plenty of celebrities were on hand, performing on the outdoor stage and speaking in the various forums.

Adorable youngster, Yu Seung Woo addressed a panel discussion (he told the crowd they put him on a diet!), performed with his guitar and then sat down at the MNet booth to sign autographs for happy fans.

Top acts began their “Artist Engagement” sessions: lucky fans were given an autograph opportunity (official merchandise only – no body parts, please), a “hi-touch” (high-five your favorite star) opportunity or a close encounter as one of a small select crowd there to witness the event. Tickets were in high demand and much bartering was occurring throughout the day as fans attempted to procure an opportunity to see their favorites up close. On today’s menu: 2AM was available at 2:30pm, G-Dragon at 4:30pm and Dynamic Duo at 6:00pm. On the docket for tomorrow: f(x) at 11:00am, Teen Top at 12:30pm, EXO at 2:00pm and surprise addition Crayon Pop at 3:30pm.

slim chances
Chances of seeing 2AM from this vantage point = 0.


Unfortunately, even access for press was limited.






At the end of the day, everyone is a bit worn out, but ready to return tomorrow!

good looking
Sometimes you just gotta grab the cute guy and snap a photo with him. 😉

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