Is F(x) Los Angeles’ Favorite Girl Kpop Group? Let’s ask the cheering fans.


F(x) Happily Wows Los Angeles fans




KCON 2013 was the Happy Place for F(x) fans eager to see the popular all-girl Kpop group back in the States. The much-loved tomboy of the group, Amber Liu, is a Los Angeles native, and expressed happiness and delight at being back in her hometown.




Amber’s popularity is patent in the screams from the crowd whenever her image is shown on-screen or her rap vocals are showcased in a song. She was also featured alongside fellow SM Entertainment artist Henry, of Super Junior M, in his newly released song “1-4-3”.

While Amber was an obvious favorite, fans appeared to be equally enthusiastic in screaming out their approval whenever one of the other band members were introduced: Sulli, Victoria, Krystal and Luna were all much loved and well received as fans cheered them on, chanting their names and screaming their approval.



F(x) opened their segment of the M Countdown “What’s Up, LA?” concert with “Electric Shock”, a popular electro-pop song that had audience members screaming lyrics along with the pulsing beat. They followed with their new hit, “Rum Pum Pum Pum” a fun, rhythmically tight piece, and closed with the ever-popular 2011 hit, “Hot Summer”.

fx2F(x) has a well-deserved following in the United States. Not only is their music engaging, but their choreography is fun and flawlessly executed. The young women, who did appear somewhat tired at the press conference prior to the concert, did not fail to put forth for a perfectly timed and energetic performance for their fans.




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